Sunday, August 10, 2008

You are a bright head!

Sunday breakfast time
Hot coffee and some burnt toasts
Life is good to us

Good time for a chat
Daughter got news from the net
Lindsay Lohan hitched

Oh! So nice I said
Who is that lucky bridegroom?
Hope till death they part

Daughter was in shock
Are the toasts that bad? I asked
No! A female groom!

Why? She’s not ugly
Many men will kill for her
And, I would too, dear

Daughter half resigned
Hope it’s just a PR stunt
Or a silly prank

Woman should wed man
Makes a lovely family
With children and pets

Proud you think that way
Sorting things out in your head
What’s right and what’s wrong

haiku by big bright head

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Special is better than perfect.

While having breakfast yesterday, dad told me about something that he read on the web. Dad ordered his favourite curry noodle and I ordered my clear soup with fried tiny fishes and some green veggie pork noodle. He got his order before mine. And since he usually eats faster than me, he was already almost done eating when I started on mine. That was good because he didn’t have to tell me things with his mouth full of noodles... he he

An American lady was writing about how she went about adopting a Chinese baby girl from China. She adopted a few months old baby girl with cleft lip from an orphanage. Dad said the baby was probably abandoned by her own parents because of that. This lady already has her own children and she wasn’t like very rich or has plenty of money to spare. She said that she wanted to give the baby girl a home and bring her up with love and maybe later when the little girl is older, she will find the money to get her cleft lip done. Isn’t she like so so so kind? Is not like she has to! But, she just felt that she has to.

Dad said that there are many ordinary people in the world who has a good heart; we just don’t hear about them that much, that’s all. Babies and children are not always going to be perfect, but when they are brought up well, they will be special.

Special is better than perfect, I think... he he.

small bright head

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Something really complicated.

I am going to write about something really complicated today. But, it’s alright because dad can help me out when I stumble. Dads are good at helping their young children out when they stumble and fall. Err... mom s too. Children, on the other hand may not help their dads out when their dads get older and stumble and fall. Oops!

Dad said that there are many places parents can go to when they get older. They are the homes away from homes. They are homes. Not your own homes, but homes... he he. There, they will have people who will help the older moms and dads out should they stumble and fall.

Their children; who they once helped (when they were tiny and often stumbled and fell), will visit once a month. They can only visit once a month because they are very busy.

I forgot what was that I wanted to write that is really complicated!

Oh! Never mind, it will come back to me.... he he. LoL

small bright head

Friday, July 25, 2008

The humblest job ever.

Dad told me that when I first started school, my class was in front of an open courtyard. There was a row of trees in the courtyard. They were those trees that love to drop their leaves everyday. Just beside that were a playground and a sand pit for us to play during our break time. I loved sand pit time. I still do... he he.

Dad said that a man, about 50ish years old, would clean and sweep the courtyard every morning. He did that for many years already. He was a kind and humble looking man, who smiled a lot while doing his task. Dad had spoken to him many times (dad likes to talk to strangers). He was not in a big hurry but neither was he slow. He happily swept the fallen leaves into small piles before he collects them into bags. Some naughty children would regularly mess up his piles of leaves. He would then sweep them up into piles again without getting angry or anything. He smiled to the children a lot and sometimes even teased them. He would take his smoking breaks at the far end of the playground, away from the children. So, he was a happy, non-grumbling and considerate cleaner… he he

Dad said that, once, he did not turn up for a few days. Dad felt that it was strange, so he went to the school office to ask about it. Well, they said that he passed away peacefully in his sleep. Just like that. Gone.

Dad said that people, who did the great and important jobs well, are great people. But, people, who did the humblest job well, are even greater people. Not many people are able to do the humblest and most unimportant looking task well, everyday. In the case of this man, he happily did it his whole life.

Then, they got in a new cleaner. He wasn’t one tenth as happy or as friendly. When the kids messed up his piles of leaves, he got mad. Dad, can’t remembered if he smoked or not… he he.

Thanks dad, for the story. I will try to do my task cheerfully. Once, when my teacher asked me to stick price tags on the stuff that we were selling for charity, I wasn’t too happy at first, but, when she gave me the biggest hug ever, I knew she really appreciated my work. Even like such simple ones… he he.

I wish there was an awards for “The World’s Humblest Job Well Done”.

by small bright head

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good to be hungry.

Dad showed me an English online news site a few weeks ago. The headline was: “Waste not want not, Gordon Brown tells families. Britons are throwing away £1 billion of food a year”. Wow! That’s a lot of food. The Prime Minister was asking the people of England not to waste food. I am glad that he said that, but I am double glad because dad has being telling me never to waste food ever since as long as I can remember… he he.

I listen to my dad, so I try not to waste anything. We never throw away good food. We never throw away not-so-good-tasting food either! I always clean up my plate. Clean, like so so clean… he he. At times when I really can’t finish my food, dad would help clean it up for me. Dad never cooks too much and whatever extra is always put into the freezer. He puts everything into the freezer; pizza, roti, pasta sauce, fried rice, curly fries, water, glow-in-the-dark bracelets…

Dad said that humans are good at taking things for granted. When we have something, we never think of what it will be like not having it. We take our food and our best friends for granted. We take the clean air and our neighbours for granted. We take our body parts and our maths teacher for granted. Some times we even take our own self for granted… he he.

Dad said that some people fast is because they want to know what it’s like to be hungry and learn not to take food for granted. I have never fasted but I have being hungry before. Being hungry wasn’t funny, you know?

by small bright head

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Young brave nomads.

I know a few school friends whose parents are divorced. Most of them have to spend time with both parents. That means; they have a lot of travelling to do during the week.

One of my very good girl friend is doing just that. She comes to school with huge bags. She has forgotten to bring her school work a few times already. She told me that not only she has to spend time with her mom and dad, but also with her two sets of grand parents. So, she has to bring along bags of her stuff from one place to another. She said that she is like a modern nomads (without the camels, of course). That is why at times; she can’t remember when and what she left where and when she needs to go where with what and when to do what, where. Aiyoh! Now, I know why she forgets to bring her homework at times.

A boy I know said to me one day, “Aiyoh! It is getting complicated now...”. His dad has recently gotten married and now his wife has given birth to a baby. So, not only he has a new step mother, he now has a brand new step kid brother. His mom has also gotten married and his new step father already has a few children. So, not only he now has a new step dad, he also has some instant step siblings. I know it was not supposed to be a funny, but, when he was describing all that to me, it sounded so very funny. I pity him because he has to spend times with both families and has to keep track of who is who.... he he. Quite a few times already he got into class (in the morning) late and looking very stressed out.

One girl friend of mind, she only visits her mom on saturdays. But, she doesn’t really like to do it because she prefers to spend saturdays doing nothing. So, her mom has to bribe her by buying stuffs for her, which is kind of good, bad, may be good, may be bad... I don’t know!

I am just happy, I don’t have to be a MPV nomad because I don’t really like to lug my stuff around... he he. Not that we have a MPV anyway.

by small bright head

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good, cute little sponges.

I once saw a documentary on tv that showed how some children (who has just started school) behaved during their meal times. They were like showing the differences between children in Japan and America.

Japanese children: sat in tidy rows, in their cute uniform. They sat quietly while the food was served by.... their classmates! Everyone waited patiently until all the serving was done and after saying their “thanks” (together), they began eating, without much fuss. They were so cute. Once done, everyone delivered their own tray to the washing station. Tables; very clean!!

American children: sat in tables of fours. No cute uniform. Not sitting quietly. Happily playing, jumping and shouting at each other while food was served, by the canteen staff. They started eating immediately when food was served to them. Don’t have to wait. Some started mini food fight. They were so fun to watch! Once done, some delivered their trays to the washing station. The rest left them on the table. Big clean up for canteen staff.

Dad said that the show was about different lifestyles and cultures. There is no right or wrong. No one is better or worst... he he. I like my dad.

Dad said that children before school already learned lots of things from their parents. They are like very good, cute little sponges. They absorb everything they hear and see, including whatever is from the television. They also pick up vibrations of love, kindness, gentleness, anger, silliness or whatever from those around them. They do nothing else day and night but just absorb and absorb. They maybe playing with their toys or watching you washing your car, but they are... Absorbing! So, don’t think that kids are just doing nothing much. They are very busy people... he he.

I know that. Even when I am doing nothing, I am doing something... he he.

Dad said that, stuff that has already being absorbed will not come out easily. Maybe if you squeeze the sponges so very hard, it might. Aiyoh! Oops, that was my idea.

Dad said that whenever he got upset, he always made sure that he was not around me, in case I absorb all his upset-ness. He he.

by small bright head

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not pretty but full of goodness.

When I was younger, dad used to take me to his friend’s organic farm on the weekends. It was a real organic farm because everything there was grown without chemical. Fertiliser was made from grass, dung and other rotten stuff. Dad told me that he almost became an organic farmer himself. I like eating carrots so I don’t really mind being a farmer’s daughter... he he.

At the farm, we talked to the plants. Dad spoke to them like as if they were babies. I also talked to them like they were babies... He he. Dad is quite good at talking to things, so talking to plants is not a problem for him. He talks to his car especially when it refuses to start; to our computer when it is acting up; to the washing machine when it becomes violet; and to himself when he can’t find the tv remote. He he.

I liked talking to the cucumber plant. When you talk to them softly and leave a finger close to the end of their vines (I think that’s what is called), they will wind around your finger. But, you have to wait a while though; they are usually not in a hurry. Well, plants are never in a big hurry. He he. They are slow and cute.

I also helped to digging up and loosen the soil to make new beds for the seedlings. We poked tiny holes in the soil with our fingers for the seedlings. Once they were nicely tugged in, we gave them a shower. And, said nice things to them… He he.

Dad said that when you talk to plants nicely and with a good vibration, they will give you produce that are full of goodness. You don’t have to eat a whole lot of them to be full. We used to take fruits and vegetables back from the farm. They were very fresh and tasty. Oh! I love the carrots.

Dad said that, in an organic farm, you don’t usually get to harvest all that you’ve planted because some of them will be eaten by the insects and birds. Some of the vegetables were not very pretty because they had holes from insect’s bits. Dad said that in nature; “you don’t have to be beautiful to be good”... He he.

by small bright head

Friday, July 11, 2008

Advance tuition, anyone?

I am sort of lucky that I don’t have any after school tuition. I never had one before. Dad doesn’t believe in it. Dad said that, as it is, I already spend enough time in school and after school activities. He didn’t want me to have any tuition so that I can have time to relax and do my own stuff. He said that I should have time to play and time to grow up.

Some of my classmates have tuition every day of the week, even on Saturdays and Sundays. They often have tuition until ten o’clock in the evening. Aiyoh! Dad said that they have all sort of tuition now. Advance mental calculation, Professional vocal training, Advance English, Competitive Speaking, Mandarin for Business, Advance Stress Control he he...

I used to have ballet, but I stopped that now because I didn’t want to dance on my toes. So, now I only have piano, on Saturday. I am at grade 5, I think. That’s because I have not sat for any grading exams. When we first started on piano, dad insisted that I not take any piano exams. So, my piano teacher grades me as I go and I learn at my own pace. I am kind of slow but I enjoy playing the piano. When the rest were stressing-out over classical pieces for exams, I was playing songs like Beauty and the Beast. He he. Dad liked it a lot.

I might want to take up sewing or cushion making classes, next year. I have just completed my first cushion. Dad said that it looks almost professional. I was thinking of designing and making some cushion so that I can sell them but I am not even sure if I am good at it or not. He he... We’ll see. LoL.

by small bright head

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Delicious dead cells for lunch.

Last weekend I went to a fish spa with my friend. It was more like a leg spa. We fed our legs to the tiny fishes in warm water. We were giggling so much even before we started, I think, half the fishes were already hiding... he he. We paid half price. Dad said that we should be paid for feeding those fishes with our good quality dead cells.

It was my first time at a fish spa. It felt so ticklish each time the tiny fishes started nibbling on my legs. I couldn’t stop myself laughing and giggling. In the end it felt like we laughed more than in a sleepover.

On our way home, I asked dad how come those fishes can eat our dead cells as if they were like some yummy stuff. Dad said that in nature, all living things have their own type food. And, that it’s a good thing that fishes and other animals don’t eat the same thing as human; otherwise there will never be enough food to go around. Can you imagine what will happen if the chicken, the giraffe and the cow had to fight for fried rice, maki and spaghetti bolognaise? He he. Nature has worked it all out already. The smaller ones eat delicious dead cells, the bigger ones eat the delicious small ones and the even bigger ones eat the bigger delicious ones. Then, we the people, eats them all. He he...

Isn’t it a good thing that we don’t get eaten by something much bigger than us? Like, what will happen if the dinosaurs were still around? You went out for your morning jog and you ended up as Dino’s breakfast. Then, as you were showing off your tennis skills, you became somebody’s dinner just when you were about to shout ‘ace’. And then, you can’t even chat online because some angry dinos knocked down all the electrical cables. Aiyoh!

I think it’s nice we are able to live without having to worry about being eaten. I feel, we are like kind of special. It’s like we are the class teacher’s favourite student or something... he he.

by small bright head

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's cooking Dad?

Dad will cook for me whenever he can. He enjoys making meals for me because he said that I am not a fussy eater... he he. It’s not like eating in big expensive restaurant but I like his cooking. He can make good pasta meals that are (sometimes) better than the local Italian restaurants. He goes to the wet market, in the morning, in his shorts and hiking shoes... he he.

He used to wake up early to make my school lunch. We stopped that so as not to waste food because they usually don’t taste very nice anymore by lunch time. Sandwiches turned soggy and cold spaghetti tasted like.... cold spaghetti. Some of my classmates had containers of maid cooked food which were often thrown into the bin. Aiyoh!

When I was much younger, I used to call him a cooker; “Dad, you are such a good cooker”, “Yes I know, they don’t make this old model anymore”... he he.

Dad said that he is an expert in the “less is more” cooking method. He cooks with less fuss, with less stress, with less cutting and chopping, with fewer ingredients, in less time, using fewer pots and with less washing up to do after. I help to set up the table.

He once made maki because we both like to eat them so much. He read the cook book, took some notes and then bought the ingredients. When he was done making them, there were more rice on the floor, on table, on his hands and face than inside the seaweeds. Even though the maki looked kind of distorted, they tasted very nice. We ate all of them anyway...he he.

Dad, thank you for making my meals. God, thank you for making my dad.

That was the last time he made maki.

by small bright head

Monday, July 7, 2008

Quality time. Twice a day.

Dad takes me to school everyday. The most reliable taxi in the world...he he. He has being doing that ever since I started school. Ever since kinddy, actually. Some of my school friends take the school bus. The richer looking ones have drivers to send them to and from school. They usually also have maids to carry their school bags for them. When it rains, the maid will hold the umbrella for them so that they can continue to play with their mobile phone...he he. When we were much younger, dad said, some of the maids even turned up at lunch time to feed them. I wondered whether the maids ran after them, with a spoon full of food while they played catch catch with their friends...he he.

Dad said that, of all our activities, taking me to school is the one he loves the most. He said that taking me to school everyday is like; father and daughter quality time, twice a day.

Dad said that I haven’t changed much over the years. In the morning I am fresh, lively, cheerful and chatty. So, I tell him things. So, he listens, asks me questions and then we chat. After school, I am tired, sometimes grumpy, sometimes discouraged but mostly happy and have tons of things to say, so, I tell him things. So, he listens, asks me questions and then we chat. And we chat some more and then I will doze off...while he continues to chat.... he he. School can be tiring sometimes.

Dad said that it is easy to chat in the car because there are no distractions and interruptions. You can’t like just get up and go to the toilet or go to the fridge to get a drink or something...he he. So, you can get a real good chat if you are looking for a real good chat.

There is something really funny about umbrella. When there is no rain, there is always an umbrella in the car but when it rains, you can never find one... he he. Then, how? Run for it! Aiyoh!

by small bright head

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Nightmare for nothing...

I was busy lately. I was writing something for a school competition. Well, it’s not really a competition competition. You don’t really win anything. Maybe some praises from my teacher, a big hug from dad and maybe, maybe a fast-food burger treats. With large fries... he he. It’s like an open competition. You can do it by doing a science project or do a geography thingy or even play football, I think. Anyway, I decided to write.

I like what I wrote. Dad said that he definitely absolutely loves it. He said that all the time anyway... he he. He said that maybe the beginning few paragraphs dragged a little. Maybe he is just being nice. He suggested that I show the draft to my teacher before I submit it in.

The day before I showed the draft to my teacher, I had a nightmare that she absolutely hated it. Aiyo! I woke up sweating. Dad said that I worried too much about how other people think of my work. He said, while it’s good to hear others’ comments and opinions, I shouldn’t be too worried about it.

Dad said that it’s alright too for children to have nightmares. You have fewer nightmares as you grow older. He said that he can’t even have one now even if he wanted to. He said that reading the newspapers lately is as good as having a good nightmare....he he.

My teacher absolutely loves it too. She is like my best English teacher ever. Ever. She suggested that I rework the conclusion a little. So, I am really happy that I am done with that. Now, time to chat...he he.

by small bright head

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I don't want to be uncharitable.

We live in a housing area where the roads are not very wide. Some other areas have much wider roads than ours but after everyone has parked their cars, they become not very wide too. He he.

As we were going out the other day; a newish and expensive looking car was parked in a very inconsiderate way (wait wait, big word time. Saurus time... selfish, thoughtless, insensitive, uncharitable, unkind, uncaring, careless). Wow! I didn’t know inconsiderate has so many other meanings. I like uncharitable, it’s like; not going to donate anything to you...! he he...

So, while we waited for the driver in that car to realise that we needed to go through, dad wondered whether it was enough to just consider that person an inconsiderate. Since, that car was parked in the middle of the road, I told dad that he is so definitely more than inconsiderate...he he. Is there a word for: more than inconsiderate? Have to look it up.

We waited because dad only honks when it is absolutely necessary. Like when ManU won the Champion’s Cup or when someone he voted for won the election.. he he.

Dad said that, to be fair, not all rich looking people are inconsiderate but that some of the most inconsiderate people that he has ever met are rich looking people. I am sure we are not inconsiderate because we are not even close to looking rich.

Dad said that people who have suffered through hard times are less likely to be inconsiderate. My grandfather (dad’s dad) went through very difficult times before, during and after the war, mainly because there was nothing much to eat. He knew what it was like when people are unfeeling, heartless and selfish. So, he was never inconsiderate to others. Good granddad!

When I was much younger, dad told me about the war during granddad’s time. I then got worried about wars and for a week or so, I kept asking dad about what will happen to us should there be a war...he he. Don’t laugh; girls are always so afraid of wars. Lol.

by small bright head

Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't get too familiar.

We went to our favourite food stall yesterday. We have not being there for a while already. Yong tau foo (a local Chinese food, but I don’t know to describe it, so you will have to google it. Do you think Google should pay me 1 cent each time I use their name as a verb? He he). It was the made-to-order kind and not the ready-made ones. This one is better than most, which only means one thing; you have to wait. It is a family business, so the whole family is there; cooking and chopping, stirring and frying, shouting and swearing. Wheee! It’s like so nice to have an entire family to serve you, right? While we were waiting and waiting, I told dad that the food would definitely taste great because we were so hungry. Food always taste better when you are hungry... he he.

Dad said that good food also taste better if you don’t eat them too often. Eating your favourite best food everyday will only make it normal. That is why we never eat the same food twice in a row, no matter how great it taste. We also don’t go to our favourite places all that often.

We have fast food burgers, maybe like only 4 times a year. We really enjoyed it every time we went. The burgers tasted great, the French fries tasted good too (even though they are so over processed) and even the carbonated drinks tasted so different, fizzy and nice from the fruit juices we drink in school (no carbonated drinks are sold in our school canteen). Well, almost a treat, if you don’t have it too often.

Dad doesn’t even use two same body soaps in a row. He has probably already tried all the soaps ever made by man or woman (well, a little exaggeration here...he he). I have seen him using all sort of soaps made from all sort of vegetables, oil, fruits, flowers, minerals and woods. He has come out of the shower many times smelling like some exotic plants or fruits or both....he he. No matter how good he thinks he smells with a particular soap, once the bar is used up, he will start on another type. He will only use the same one again after sometimes has passed.

Dad, is just so dad. Aiyoo!

Well, I am not as adventurous as dad is, when it comes to soap. Don’t really like coming out of the shower smelling like papaya....he he. Or worst, mango.

by small bright head

Friday, June 27, 2008

How am I doing, Dad?

When I was toddler, dad often took me to Wild Wild Kidz. It wasn’t call that at all. My dad called it that because children went wild in there. It was one of those big-ish indoor playing places where children can play, jump, climb, slide and go berserk the whole day. They are many of them now, usually in shopping malls.

Mothers would turned up, early in the morning by the elevator-loads with their kids; pay entrance fees, help with the socks, buy French fries, sausages and drink, kiss kiss hug hug and then leave their kids there for the whole day while they attend to more important things (shopping and getting their hair or faces done)..he he.

Dad has never left me there and went off to get his face done. I was glad. I mean him not getting his face done....He he. He always stayed there as long as I did because he wanted to watch over me. Well, he doesn’t really watched watched. This was how he did it.

Once when we were there, dad told me that he will stop following me around. I at first thought it was probably too rough on his body to keep up with me....he he. He said that he will instead be at the cafe reading his magazines and that I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. Under two conditions; one, can’t do anything dangerous and two, can’t do anything that disturbs others. Dad said I was growing up and he wanted me to figure things out on my own. He gave me some examples and then kiss kiss hug hug.

So, off I went to play, repeating to myself what dad had just said ......can’t do dangerous things, can’t disturb others, can’t do dangerous, no disturb others, no dangerous things, no disturbing, no dangerous things to others, no disturb things.... no? no?........danger....

I was really glad with dad’s rules. I did whatever I wanted. I climbed to the top of the tower and slide down the cock-screw tube down to the bottom. It was great fun, while other children had their mothers shouting at them; don’t do this, don’t do that, do this, do that..aiyoh!. Whenever I achieved something that I have not done before, I would go all the way down to the cafe to report to him. Also to get some French fries and orange juice...he he.

Dad seemed to be reading all the time at the cafe; but he knew exactly where I was because each time I waved at him from somewhere, he always responded. So, I guessed he was kinda not watching over me, but kinda watching over me. Watching but not really watching....he he. I think you know what I mean.

On the way home that day, in the car, dad said that the rules will also apply for when I am at home and also when I am in school. I nodded off before I could.......

by small bright head

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reality check time.

The boys in my class are always talking about football. It has gotten worst now because of the Euro Cup or something. They talk about everything football but will always end up talking about how much players are making per week. It’s only about players in England. It is like as if the rest of the world do not play football or something...he he. Now, it’s all about whether this dude in ManU will leave for some Spanish club or not and how MUCH he will be earning per WEEK. I know ManU because my dad is a lifetime (it means a long long long time) supporter. When I was four, he signed me up as a supporter and bought me a red ManU t-shirt with the picture of Freddie the Red (that cute little devil thingy with a huge yellow fork, like he's going to have fish and chips or something...he he) on it.

They will go on and on about how many hundreds thousand Pounds players are making per week and what cars they will be driving soon and da di da da. My class teacher has stopped them a few times already.....

“Hello!, Reality check time” I love reality check time. At the last reality check time she told the class that; one hundred thousand Pounds is more than enough to feed a whole village in Burma for a year and maybe even have enough left to build a small school. She told the boys that while it’s good that people make a lot of money but what is more important is that we should not forget people who are suffering. Children need to learn to care more about others around them. Otherwise this world has no future. She said, we should think of ways to help those who are not as fortunate as us. One way of helping people of the world, indirectly, is by not using so much of the world’s resources. If we waste less and use less then there will be enough to go around.

I think she is so right. I hope she will give more reality checks. It keeps the boys quiet too, for a while...he he. I like, love, like my teacher a lot. She is really sensible.

by small bright head

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good value for money.

Dad went to the post office to collect his Rm625. He was so happy because this is the first time ever in his life that he collected any money from the government. He hopes that the government makes it a habit of doing that. He wanted to be paid by cheque because he wanted a picture of it for memories. Aiyoo, my daddy! He got it in cash. I was happy because we were supposed to go shopping after that...he he.

Shopping can be strenuous work, so we decided to feed ourselves before we start. We decided on our favorite, teipanyaki. No, it wasn’t in a fancy and expensive Japanese restaurant, where the waitresses in kimono would shout welcomes in Japanese and bow 16 times to you. Those are for special occasions only, like, when dad strikes the lottery...he he. The one we went to is called “The Good Value for Money Teipanyaki Thingy Place”. Dad has a nick name for everything. He even gives nick names to nick name. He he... This place was kind of different from the rest because the waitress greeted us in codes; “Two?” and “Sit here!”

This place is likeable because, every time just when you are starting to eat the fried salmon, they will dump a small mountain of fried mixed vegetable over it. You then have to start digging the salmon out from below. It’s was so fun. I couldn’t finish because they gave so much, so like all good frugal father, my dad cleaned it up for me. He said I am the only reason why he puts on weight.

As soon as when dad has done picking his teeth, we went shopping. I couldn’t decide where to go so dad recommended that we try the “The Really Worth It Factory Surplus Everything Got Clothing Store” I wasn’t too sure if they have what I wanted but I have to try it, at least to please dad.

I was like totally shocked. Not only did they have everything, most of them were of really good quality and designs. Of course some of them had their labels’ removed but then, who needs the labels anyway, right? With dad acting as my personal assistant and after a few rounds of choose, change and try, I got myself 5 nice tops and a pair of jean for Rm125. Dad was pleased and said they were really smart and sensible choices because there are room for growth in all of them. He he .

On the way to the car park we passed a branded clothing store. Dad said it was a good thing we didn’t go in there because with Rm125 we would’ve probably gotten a pair of designer’s sock and a hand towel.

Dad said the gap between the ‘have’ and the ‘have just enough’ is getting bigger. I guess we are the ‘have just enough’, and proud of it! He he.....

by small bright head

Friday, June 20, 2008

Break the routine, Break the habit

Dad told me something the other day. He is so good at telling me things out of the blue. So his talent. As if these things just down out of nowhere into his head...he he. I just hope it wasn’t bird droppings though.

He told me how he got me to get rid of my pacifier and pillow when I was four years old. I used to love both of them. They were like my good friends from the day I was born. They were both well used and wore out especially the pillow. It looked more like an old rag filled with some soft lumpy thingy....he he.

Dad said I looked like the baby in Simpsons. Never seen without the pacifier. I called my pacifier, chuop chuop, the sound I made when I sucked on it. He he. Dad took me to a seaside resort for a weekend. Soon after we got there....

Daddi, whear my chuop chuop?
Aiyah! (big dramatic expression) sorli, daddi forgot to bring
But, i wan myz chuop chuop wor....
we go schwim schwim pray pray now, then we buy a new one, ok?
Ok, daddi

My dad was very good at baby talk when I was young. Sometimes he was more me than me...ha ha..

Then, we went diving into the hotel pool; then, we dug out the beach for sand castling; then, we cleaned up the buffet table in the restaurant for lunch; then, we teamed up for Daytona Race at the video arcade; then, we hopped onto the tiny bouncing castle; then, we drove back into the pool; then, we dug into green tea ice cream at the poolside bar; then, we sat down for the children magic show; then, I cried because the clown was more scary than funny; then, it was free balloons time from the clown; then, I cried again because the clown looked even scarier than before..............and just before bed time.....

Daddi, whear my pilyow?
OH! (more dramatic expression) sorli, pilyow at home
But, i wan myz pilyow wor...
Ok, we go get your pilyow now
But, we go home, tomolo how to schwim schwim on the beach?
Daddi, I no need pilyow oleidi.........
Ok, I read story book to you so you can scheep scheep ok?
Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z......

Dad said, after that weekend at the resort, I never asked for my pacifier and pillow.

He said that; Habits are formed by routine. Break the routine, you break the habits. Wow, cool, it sounds like a secret spy code. The type you have to say to identify your secret partner. Did I tell you I wanted to be a spy when I grow up? Dad said that I am smart enough to be one. But, he said he can read me like a book. So not a good point for a spy. I think I will just become a teacher.

by small bright head

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Day is today?

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. We completely didn’t even realised it. Anyway, we are so not into these things. Daddy was cool about it anyway. We are usually very nonchalant (wait wait, big word time; in French it means: buuuf, I don’t really care) about so many of these “Day”. Dad said that the whole lists of these “Days” were created by The Shopping Mall Association of America....ha ha. Dad can be so funny sometimes. Anyway, he said with a daughter like me, everyday is Father’s Day...he he.

Dad said, some fathers only feel like a father on Father’s Day and the rest of the year is; sit in the corner and keep quiet; go down to mamak store and get the papers; look after the house, we are going to Bali for two weeks; have you wash my car?

So, dad came out with his own list of “Day” that we should celebrate.

Buy Nothing Day - (24th of December)
No Hangover Day - (26th of December)
Donate To Charity Day - (30th of each month)
Waste Nothing Day - (1st day of Chinese New Year)
No Flora Destruction Day – (14th of February)
No Gossiping Day - (this one is from me)
No Chest Thumping Day - (9th of August and 31st of August)
No Random Hugging Day – (31st of December)

Spell-check is the greatest thing ever invented since....forever.

by small bright head

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yes! I got snail mail!

I am so happy today because I received a snail mail from my friend in Japan. She was in my class for many years but now she is living in Japan. I love snail mail. They are so not fast. Dad said the fun is always in the waiting. Yah, but I don’t think he really enjoy waiting in traffic jams..he he. Her snail mail from Japan took 5 days to reach me, while mind to her took 14 days. I thought it would take longer. I am glad we have a better snail mail service than in Japan. I mean, snail mail is supposed to be slow, right? Dad said, we have the best snail mail service in the world. A letter to the other side of town will take a week. I think a real snail would’ve reach there first...he he

We used to send each other little hand-made cards and notes when we were together in the same class. We kinda missed that. So while chatting one day we decided it will be fun to do that again and then snail mail them to each other. So, it was back to glue, cutter, colour papers, magazines and then cut cut, chopped chopped and pasted pasted. It was playschool fun, all over again. I took 5 days to complete mind.

Everything about snail mail is slow. I love it. I had never being inside a post-office before. It was really cool. The people working there were slow (no, I am not complaining) and the queues were even slower. I guess they don’t call it snail mail for no good reasons, right? Then we got the envelope WEIGHTED and then we had to buy these colourful little STAMPS so that we can STICK them on the TOP right hand corner of my enormous brown hand-made envelope.

It was such an adventure, snail mail. Children should try it.

by small bright head

Monday, June 16, 2008

How to Shower

If there is an award for frugality, my dad would be World Champ hands and feet down...he he. Nobody I know is that good (not like as if I know so many people). Showering. This is how he does it. No, I don’t watch him shower!! He has told me about it enough times, I think it is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. Anyway, one burst of cold water to wet himself first. For those of you who are reading from Alaska or the northern part of Russia, our average temperature here is 30.1’C. Don’t know about ‘F. You have to convert it yourself. Dad said, we stopped using ‘F since the British left. Then, he will shampoo his hair, brush his teeth, shave, scrub and then one more burst of water and it’s done! Cool ah? I can’t do that though Bye.

Source: (world famous free encyclopedia)
Frugality (n): an art-form; individual or group activity.
The ability to not waste; use, get by or eat as little as possible but still remains happy. Individual who uses more than necessary will often ended up being nag to dead or otherwise having to pay for their own utilities bills. Urgh!

by small bright head

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Haiku Ode-cious

Touched by your poem
Daft things from the past retold
How not to feel old

So now in return
Here’s something for memories
Keep this blog precious

Cute baby you were
Glad you didn’t looked like me
Fat old and ugly

Hair black like cin cau
Skin fairer than Korean stars
Angel in disguise

So considerate
Just only one feed at night
Slept tight till morning

Born to be cheerful
Smile long before you can talk
Front tooth only one

How not to love you
Dad is the first word you said
Tears also came down

A joy to handle
Since babies are great like you
Good to have a few

Asked your mom to try
She told me to go to die
Sorry, no siblings

My, how fast you grew
Got past your stumbles and falls
Next you went to school

So eager to learn
Also went to ballet school
Piano on Sunday

Transport no problem
Taxi hopped from place to place
Daddy the driver

Virtues I taught you
Be frugal and not to waste
Polite and humble

Treat food preciously
Many hungry in the world
Have heart for the poor

Save, not for yourself
Leave for next generation
Act not selfishly

Don’t be dishearten
Just deal with the big issues
Soon, things will be right

Must say I am glad
That you grew up well rounded
So far no regrets

Hope you have strong heart
For the future will be tough
I have trust in you

Now I call time-out
There are plenty more to write
Now, Euro Cup time

by big bright head

Friday, June 13, 2008

It was Hilarious

No other dad in the world can wake up as early as my dad. When I was in primary school anyway. He said he kind of “spoil the market “ for all the other dads. When I was in primary school, parents were allowed to take their children right up to class. Mostly moms. Dad was the only dad who would turned up with me, hand in hand, everyday, rain (too early, so no sun yet), heavy down pour, thunderstorm or flood. Not to mention the traffic. Often, I needed desperately to get to the toilet (the big kind) on reaching school. He had to run with me to the loo. No, more like running after me with my school bag. I, of course ran much faster than him because I didn’t really like washing dirty panties. he he.

After dropping the children at their classes, many moms would sit out the traffic jam by gathering at the canteen, for their friendly morning chit chat.

Dad was never brave enough to join them for some “chitchatting”.

Source: (another one of those free encyclopedia)
Chit Chat (verb): an art-form; group activity
Participants must be capable of talking at very high speed to everyone in the group at the same time and are also required to listen to what everyone else in the group is saying.

Once, for some reasons, he was sucked into a chitchatting session. I didn’t know what happened. Maybe they dragged him into the canteen. Maybe he was kidnapped. Ha ha...

There, they complimented him, from left, from right and then from left and then finally from right again. They said things like, “Oh, you so good farder ha, evelyday blink your dorter to school. My husburn so lazy to wake up wan. Tomolo, I must ask him to bling our girl girl to school. I early early wake him up. Quarleety time ma”. With that, they went into serious chitchatting mode and that was when dad made his escape. He told me later that subjecting another human to mental torture is not legal in this country.

What happened the next few days was hilarious (big word; it means boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter). Sorry, there are some even bigger words in there. he he....

Fathers turned up. Since they don’t know where to go, children were dragging them everywhere, like headless chickens, ha ha.. Of course most of them were only half awake. Most were unshaven, uncombed, untidy, under-dressed and mostly very unhappy. Some were still in their pyjama with mismatched flip-flops. They were fun to watch. Children needs entertainment too, you know.

Dad wasn't worried because he knew the competition could not last.

Soon, it was back to dad and all the moms. But, he had since not gone near the canteen.

by small bright head

Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Attempt at Poetry. Ver 1.1

Daddy daddy I love you, I want to impress you with this poetry
I like to refresh, in case your memories are fragmented already
I can remember most of it, and some were really funny
I am writing this not because I am eyeing a newly released cd
Or that my wardrobe has lately become a little puny
Oh! Incidentally, the new i-phone looks kind of trendy

First day of play school; we arrived even before the were ready
Shocked teachers thought we wanted to rob their money
You said first day can be stressful so it’s better to be early
It was a good thing I was calm because you were jittery
I was excited because it was my first step to the university
You kept hoping that my class teacher would be pretty
We were so early, so we took a tour of the facilities
Little toilet bowls, tiny wash basins with pink hankies
See-saws, colourful slides, sand boxes and bars for the monkeys
You checked on how food were prepared in the pantry
While I searched for the place where they taught geometry
You concluded that lunch would not be very fancy
I was disappointed; the plastic microscope was for biology
As it turned out, my teacher was a good looking young lady
I calmed you down before you could make me look silly
She was keen to get us started and had a good strategy
We sat in a circle; she praised us already and gave us some candies
She got us to wave bye-bye to all the mommies and daddies
The pick-up time was set for eleven fifty-three
But, you, my dad, was one who will not go easily
You mimed through the windows that you already missed me
The class laughed out loud and teacher thought you were mushy
You lingered beside the flower pots and then behind the laundry
You only left when the principle threatened to call the security

That was what I remember; the first day in kinddy

by small bright head

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monkey Rights

Lately, for the past few months anyway, a bunch of monkeys has been making regular visit to our area. They are from the nearby hill forest. Dad said it’s because they don’t have enough food in the jungle anymore. On top of the hill there is a sort of lover’s lane where the smarter ones can go and get food. They will bug loving couples until they are given Pagoda Brand groundnuts or some other tidbits, as payoff. I wonder whether they have tasted any other brands. He he… I have seen some of them drinking from soft drink cans. They are that good. Cool hur! Once they have collected their goodies they will then go up to their nearby trees and wait for more couples to turn up. Dad said they are so human. It’s like going to the Cineplex. First get your snack and drink, then look for a comfortable place and then settle down to watch the show. Ha ha!

Those that raid our housing area are more organised. Dad said they are the gatherers and not the beggars… he he. Today, the regular bunch came by. They walked along the fencing, perimeter walls and the electric cables from one house to another. They always come to our garden because we have two fruiting papaya trees. We had them for a while now, but we have never even eaten one because the monkeys would usually get them before we do. But, I am so glad they came to eat the papaya because otherwise they might not have much to eat, because, the rambutan and chiku have not fruited yet.

Dad said, even though the two papaya trees are in our garden, they actually belongs to the monkey. Some birds or the wind brought the seeds and they grew on their own. When they became visible, dad decided to let them be rather then full them up. Then, the rain watered them, the sun shone on them, the earth supported them and nature just took care of them. Dad didn’t do anything at all. He didn’t teach the papaya trees how to grow or when to sprout their leaves or when and how to flower and then fruit. They did it all by themselves. Nature just took care of them. And, since the monkeys are also part of nature, they have all the rights to the papaya, more so than us, because they needed it more then us. You can’t expect them to shop for papaya at Tesco, right?

Today, there were a few very young ones. They were really small. They were so so so cute jumping from tree to tree doing what monkey loves to do. One of the really tiny ones got up the papaya tree to pick a half-riped papaya. That papaya was much bigger than her (anything that is very cute is always a ‘her’ to me, he he), she then struggled down with one hand holding the papaya and quickly disappeared into the rambutan tree. Probably to share it with her mom. She was so cute. She was so tiny and yet so strong and independent. And so cute too. Her mom must be so proud of her.

Then, they went off to the jungle. Happy.

I hope people won’t cut down the jungle to build some silly condo. If so, they won’t even have a place to go back to. Monkeys have rights too, you know. They have rights to their jungle and rights to their fruits. Monkeys can’t live in condo. They won’t know how to use the toilet. He he…

I hope they will come back soon for their papaya. I was so happy to see the tiny ones today, I almost cried.

And, did I tell you they were so cute?

by small bright head

Monday, June 9, 2008

Things will get done

Everyone is so excited and can’t stop talking about petrol. It seems like they are no longer interested to talk about the usual gossip gossip stuff…he he. I can talk about anything with my friends. Chat, sms, whatever... but not football. Which are the only things the boys in school ever talk about.

Everyone is talking about planning to or thinking about planning to change or planning to think about changing or planning to plan to change to a smaller and more petrol-saving car. They talk to plan about driving less or driving only when absolutely needed. Wow!

Then, yesterday, I realised that it could be kinda of a good thing if people have smaller cars and drive around less. That way we will be polluting the air less. During our children workshop on the environment, we were told about how cars are one of the main causes of global warming. So God must be making things happened so that people will pollute the environment less! I think God is a lot smarter than us.

Dad said that the human race is the no.1 freeloader of the universe and that God is not going to just sit around doing nothing while human happily destroy the earth.

Way to go God! High five! He he…

by small bright head
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