Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's almost end of the year

The new year is soon going to be here so I better get on with my resolutions for the new year. This year, I made good effort to at least read something everyday. I did rather well and dad agreed too. So to save me the trouble of thinking up a new resolution, I will stick to the same one. Dad is proud of me for more or less able to achieve what I set out to do. He also said my spelling has improved. I can now spell long and complicated words correctly, but, I still have trouble with the shorter and simple ones. Dad said, I could be a genius, like Einstein, because, he too had problem spelling simple words when he was younger.

I took up taekwondo for my first term after school activities. Dad wasn't too sure that I could last the term, but I did. So I am going to stick to it until end of the school year. Master Tan, our instructor, is a nice man, and he looks so young for his age. 65 or somewhere there. Most men his age can't even walk straight, so, it is really nice he can still teach us a combat sport. Dad said that most men his age are too busy worrying about their prostate than doing anything useful. I must remember to check out in the dictionary what prostate means.

I got my junior yellow belt before end term. So, I took about three months to achieve it. I am really proud of that. I have a mean kick now and my punches and blocks are good too. But Master Tan, still has to tie my belt for me every time before class. Dad, said, at this rate, I should be able to get my black belt just before Master Tan turn ninety. I hope he can wait for me.

Dad is worried about the petrol price going up in the new year. He said soon a full tank of regular will cost more than his car. He was dead serious when he mentioned that, so I didn't take it as a joke. Dad takes me to and from school everyday, ever since the first day of my school life. I like it when he takes me to school, because we get to talk a lot during these trips. He said soon he has to impose a fuel surcharge on me.

For the new year, dad said we should reduce our fast food consumption by half. I did a quick calculation and told him that, including a late night hunger emergency, we went four times in all this year. He said that he is preventing me from sizing up. I protested. It's not fair. I never get to size up. It's always medium!

by small bright head

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