Saturday, June 7, 2008

Adults are allowed to help.

Hi. Oops! I didn’t write anything for so long. Sorry. I was kinda of busy with school, kinda of lazy, kinda of forgot and kinda of spending time chatting with my friends too… he he..

Last month, I attended a workshop on the environment for school children. I was so excited that I was able to go. I have never attended any workshop before in my life. It was really cool. We children talked about global warming and how to save our earth. We had group discussions and we came out with many ideas to help keep the environment clean and all that. Practical stuff that we children can do to help stop polluting the world. We made friends too. Children are good at making friends. Dad was so proud of me for all the things that I planned to do in school for the environment.

Dad said that in fact children are the ones who will save the world. Adults are allowed to help.

I am so proud of my dad.

by small bright head

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