Thursday, January 3, 2008

Things grown-ups talk about...

For the past few days, all the adults would talk about was our Health Minister. You see, someone hid a spy camera in his room and video him doing disgusting adult things with a woman. And she wasn't his wife!! How cool!. I mean the spy camera. I am going to ask dad to buy me one of those. I always wanted to be a spy. I asked him before but he always said that they don't really work because they are too small. Now, someone has proven him wrong. Ha!

So, now he is no longer the Health Minister. Poor minister! I hope he will take good care of himself. I thought adults can do anything they want and not get into trouble, especially all those important ones who are always on tv saying important sounding things.

Dad said it's a crying shame because he was one of the better ministers. There are many hopeless ones around and he thought it would be better that those are the ones who are caught with their pants down. Urg!!!! How grouse!

I know the places where they would usually hide spy camera, but I am not going to tell them!

by small bright head

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