Saturday, December 29, 2007

The holiday is almost over.

Have to get back to school soon....
Daddy said it couldn't be too soon.
Just before the holidays, I learned a new word, Global Warming. Sounded complicated when our teacher took awhile to explain it. We went for lunch after that. I had chicken, rice and then some ice-cream. I didn't take a drink that comes in a can, because I don't want to add to the 'rubbish mountain' that we are already building. We talked about what we were going to do during the holidays and everyone got so excited. Right after lunch, we had already forgot what global warming is about. On the way home from school that day, I asked dad about it, and he said, it means 'Big trouble'. I love my dad. He has the abilities to make hard and difficult to understand subject simple.

He said there was a whole big bunch of people from all over, meeting in Bali, talking about how to cut down on the production of some harmful gases or something like that. He said, the right way is actually for them to cut down on eating so much, especially onion. What does eating onion has to do with harmful gases? My daddy can be so funny sometimes. I told him I would like to go meet those people and tell them that I am not sleeping in an air-con room, so as not to use up too much electricity. I am sure they are already doing that themselves. Dad said I should go thank them for taking the trouble to come over from all the cold countries, knowing very well they will end up with nothing much to do but just sit around under the hot sun, on the beaches, read their newspapers and novels. Yah, poor things, I should do that. Dad can be very thoughtful sometimes.

by small bright head

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mott said...

BBH, you sound/write suspiciously like a blogger I know. The KFC one.


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