Saturday, June 7, 2008

Things happened for a reason

I was once grumbling about why my BFF (best friend forever) is no longer my BFF. Dad said, “Look at the positive. Things happened for a reason”. Hello! I am no longer BFF with my BFF, its serious matter here. I need to cry. I need some consoling. How to be positive about it, daddy…? Dad said that I will have to learn to sort out my girl to girl relationship on my own. And the earlier I learn to deal with it the better it is for me. Something about me having better social skills when I grow up and duh…. And all I got was a hug.

Yesterday, we went to the PETROL station to top up boy boy (dad’s car). He is actually quite old. No, not my dad. The car. So, he should be old boy boy. He he.

Anyway, after dad has done filling up boy boy, got into the car, started the engine, put on his seatbelt and was about to say something, I said, “Dad, everything happens for a reason. Look at the positive”. He protested and said that he wasn’t about to grumble about the petrol price but was actually speechless, too shock for words by how few litres of petrol he got for Rm50. I said, “yah dad” and I gave him a hug.

Daddy has suddenly started to fuss about boy boy. Checking his tires. Filling up more air. Topping this up. Topping that up. So strange. Good for boy boy. He is usually so neglected. He he.

I hope I don’t have to take the school bus to school on Monday.

by small bright head


Jarod said...

Just want to add: yr BFF wont be sticking with u 4ever. Next time u get married, u wil leave ur BFF as well. :)

Might s well leave now. LoL... Jus kidding. I am having the same situation as u. I just go on with my lives and get to know new friends. Friends come and go. I accepted it.

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Linh Bui said...

"old boy boy". haha :))

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