Monday, June 9, 2008

Things will get done

Everyone is so excited and can’t stop talking about petrol. It seems like they are no longer interested to talk about the usual gossip gossip stuff…he he. I can talk about anything with my friends. Chat, sms, whatever... but not football. Which are the only things the boys in school ever talk about.

Everyone is talking about planning to or thinking about planning to change or planning to think about changing or planning to plan to change to a smaller and more petrol-saving car. They talk to plan about driving less or driving only when absolutely needed. Wow!

Then, yesterday, I realised that it could be kinda of a good thing if people have smaller cars and drive around less. That way we will be polluting the air less. During our children workshop on the environment, we were told about how cars are one of the main causes of global warming. So God must be making things happened so that people will pollute the environment less! I think God is a lot smarter than us.

Dad said that the human race is the no.1 freeloader of the universe and that God is not going to just sit around doing nothing while human happily destroy the earth.

Way to go God! High five! He he…

by small bright head
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