Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't get too familiar.

We went to our favourite food stall yesterday. We have not being there for a while already. Yong tau foo (a local Chinese food, but I don’t know to describe it, so you will have to google it. Do you think Google should pay me 1 cent each time I use their name as a verb? He he). It was the made-to-order kind and not the ready-made ones. This one is better than most, which only means one thing; you have to wait. It is a family business, so the whole family is there; cooking and chopping, stirring and frying, shouting and swearing. Wheee! It’s like so nice to have an entire family to serve you, right? While we were waiting and waiting, I told dad that the food would definitely taste great because we were so hungry. Food always taste better when you are hungry... he he.

Dad said that good food also taste better if you don’t eat them too often. Eating your favourite best food everyday will only make it normal. That is why we never eat the same food twice in a row, no matter how great it taste. We also don’t go to our favourite places all that often.

We have fast food burgers, maybe like only 4 times a year. We really enjoyed it every time we went. The burgers tasted great, the French fries tasted good too (even though they are so over processed) and even the carbonated drinks tasted so different, fizzy and nice from the fruit juices we drink in school (no carbonated drinks are sold in our school canteen). Well, almost a treat, if you don’t have it too often.

Dad doesn’t even use two same body soaps in a row. He has probably already tried all the soaps ever made by man or woman (well, a little exaggeration here...he he). I have seen him using all sort of soaps made from all sort of vegetables, oil, fruits, flowers, minerals and woods. He has come out of the shower many times smelling like some exotic plants or fruits or both....he he. No matter how good he thinks he smells with a particular soap, once the bar is used up, he will start on another type. He will only use the same one again after sometimes has passed.

Dad, is just so dad. Aiyoo!

Well, I am not as adventurous as dad is, when it comes to soap. Don’t really like coming out of the shower smelling like papaya....he he. Or worst, mango.

by small bright head


mistipurple said...

got belachan soap or not?
i must find and buy for him. :P

Big Bright Head said...

wah, so fast u read already. i just post only wor. i think still hot lei. che, belachan soap try already. wont try until

Yling said...

Mango smells good, doesn't it? :-D

Gabriel said...

mango and papaya both smell nice right? they make you tasty. :)

IamDoryFish~ said...

ur dad is so cool!! :D...soap soap soap...apricot also not bad ler!
btw, i had KFC for dinner, and u r right, it tasted fantastic. my last time having was half a year ago!

Lyn said...

its funny you asked about that i was going to post the photos of it. photos are now posted :)

Redsponge said...


good food taste better when you dun eat it too often.

I change my soap frequently too ;p

Annie Q said...

first time here! thanks for dropping my blog. :)

Ah! Papaya soap!! I use papaya soap, which is one very popular from Philipine, for whitening. Don't worry, this papaya soap got no smell one, hahahhaha so i don't smell like papaya..LOL!

Alice Teh said...

Hmmm... I can eat the same thing over and over again...

I can't imagine smelling like tropical fruits, especially not papaya... LOL.

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