Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I don't want to be uncharitable.

We live in a housing area where the roads are not very wide. Some other areas have much wider roads than ours but after everyone has parked their cars, they become not very wide too. He he.

As we were going out the other day; a newish and expensive looking car was parked in a very inconsiderate way (wait wait, big word time. Saurus time... selfish, thoughtless, insensitive, uncharitable, unkind, uncaring, careless). Wow! I didn’t know inconsiderate has so many other meanings. I like uncharitable, it’s like; not going to donate anything to you...! he he...

So, while we waited for the driver in that car to realise that we needed to go through, dad wondered whether it was enough to just consider that person an inconsiderate. Since, that car was parked in the middle of the road, I told dad that he is so definitely more than inconsiderate...he he. Is there a word for: more than inconsiderate? Have to look it up.

We waited because dad only honks when it is absolutely necessary. Like when ManU won the Champion’s Cup or when someone he voted for won the election.. he he.

Dad said that, to be fair, not all rich looking people are inconsiderate but that some of the most inconsiderate people that he has ever met are rich looking people. I am sure we are not inconsiderate because we are not even close to looking rich.

Dad said that people who have suffered through hard times are less likely to be inconsiderate. My grandfather (dad’s dad) went through very difficult times before, during and after the war, mainly because there was nothing much to eat. He knew what it was like when people are unfeeling, heartless and selfish. So, he was never inconsiderate to others. Good granddad!

When I was much younger, dad told me about the war during granddad’s time. I then got worried about wars and for a week or so, I kept asking dad about what will happen to us should there be a war...he he. Don’t laugh; girls are always so afraid of wars. Lol.

by small bright head


mistipurple said...

finally the richy car person got come to drive away or not? or your daddy decided to honk, because 90 minutes FT already.

IamDoryFish~ said...

world peace!! :D

yes yes, i want to know also, did your father honk?? I mean, nothing wrong to honk a mild one, not those aggressive type. As indicator that someone is outside, who knows the rich fella is not aware someone 1 waiting outside at all??

Raynebow said...

I hate inconsiderate people! Bleh!

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