Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Nightmare for nothing...

I was busy lately. I was writing something for a school competition. Well, it’s not really a competition competition. You don’t really win anything. Maybe some praises from my teacher, a big hug from dad and maybe, maybe a fast-food burger treats. With large fries... he he. It’s like an open competition. You can do it by doing a science project or do a geography thingy or even play football, I think. Anyway, I decided to write.

I like what I wrote. Dad said that he definitely absolutely loves it. He said that all the time anyway... he he. He said that maybe the beginning few paragraphs dragged a little. Maybe he is just being nice. He suggested that I show the draft to my teacher before I submit it in.

The day before I showed the draft to my teacher, I had a nightmare that she absolutely hated it. Aiyo! I woke up sweating. Dad said that I worried too much about how other people think of my work. He said, while it’s good to hear others’ comments and opinions, I shouldn’t be too worried about it.

Dad said that it’s alright too for children to have nightmares. You have fewer nightmares as you grow older. He said that he can’t even have one now even if he wanted to. He said that reading the newspapers lately is as good as having a good nightmare....he he.

My teacher absolutely loves it too. She is like my best English teacher ever. Ever. She suggested that I rework the conclusion a little. So, I am really happy that I am done with that. Now, time to chat...he he.

by small bright head


Zooropa said...

So what is your write up about? Let me guess, emm..."nightmare living in this country?" hehehe, Have a nice weekend!


Yling said...

Good luck to you! Win that 'competition'! :-P

mistipurple said...

win the contest and ask daddy to give you a treat of 2 1/2 stick of satay.
good luck, small bright head!

Yling said...

I hope one day Angel would write something like this about his Dad. So sweet!

aNgeLine said...

do you still have the essay? can you post it up? =]

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