Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's cooking Dad?

Dad will cook for me whenever he can. He enjoys making meals for me because he said that I am not a fussy eater... he he. It’s not like eating in big expensive restaurant but I like his cooking. He can make good pasta meals that are (sometimes) better than the local Italian restaurants. He goes to the wet market, in the morning, in his shorts and hiking shoes... he he.

He used to wake up early to make my school lunch. We stopped that so as not to waste food because they usually don’t taste very nice anymore by lunch time. Sandwiches turned soggy and cold spaghetti tasted like.... cold spaghetti. Some of my classmates had containers of maid cooked food which were often thrown into the bin. Aiyoh!

When I was much younger, I used to call him a cooker; “Dad, you are such a good cooker”, “Yes I know, they don’t make this old model anymore”... he he.

Dad said that he is an expert in the “less is more” cooking method. He cooks with less fuss, with less stress, with less cutting and chopping, with fewer ingredients, in less time, using fewer pots and with less washing up to do after. I help to set up the table.

He once made maki because we both like to eat them so much. He read the cook book, took some notes and then bought the ingredients. When he was done making them, there were more rice on the floor, on table, on his hands and face than inside the seaweeds. Even though the maki looked kind of distorted, they tasted very nice. We ate all of them anyway...he he.

Dad, thank you for making my meals. God, thank you for making my dad.

That was the last time he made maki.

by small bright head


mistipurple said...

that is so shweet.
the maki i mean.
and of cos not.
the thanking god for making daddy part. *melts*

ÅnGe|e said...

I remember that sometimes my dad used to cook for me too. He was not a great chef but he could do some great dishes. And most important, he did it with love :) My dad is not here anymore to cook for me but those are the memories that keep my heart warm every time I think of him...

Redsponge said...

sweet --> "Dad, thank you for making my meals. God, thank you for making my dad."

Hey I like your "less is more” cooking method. That's what I used to tell my mom! But it does not work! -.-"

Piggy said...

Such a nice dad :).....
Did u help ur dad to cook?
Or someday u cook for ur dad for a change? That will probably make him happy :)

sting said...

haha.. yup, they sure "don't make this model anymore".. you've got a hard to find dad.. do try to do something nice for him once in awhile ya :-)

Chen said...

U have such a nice daddy.
My late dad used to cook too.
I miss him, and also his cooking..

cbenc12 said...

u and ur dad has such special bond.. i love my dad too.. a little more than my mum hehhee.coz he loves me more too..
i like the way u write, truly!

Constance Chan said...

nice dad you have..

my late dad did love cooking too. and baking, especially.

zekerene said...

Thank you for such a nice write up *wink* sweet!

Alice Teh said...

God bless your dad! And you too! :)

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