Friday, June 13, 2008

It was Hilarious

No other dad in the world can wake up as early as my dad. When I was in primary school anyway. He said he kind of “spoil the market “ for all the other dads. When I was in primary school, parents were allowed to take their children right up to class. Mostly moms. Dad was the only dad who would turned up with me, hand in hand, everyday, rain (too early, so no sun yet), heavy down pour, thunderstorm or flood. Not to mention the traffic. Often, I needed desperately to get to the toilet (the big kind) on reaching school. He had to run with me to the loo. No, more like running after me with my school bag. I, of course ran much faster than him because I didn’t really like washing dirty panties. he he.

After dropping the children at their classes, many moms would sit out the traffic jam by gathering at the canteen, for their friendly morning chit chat.

Dad was never brave enough to join them for some “chitchatting”.

Source: (another one of those free encyclopedia)
Chit Chat (verb): an art-form; group activity
Participants must be capable of talking at very high speed to everyone in the group at the same time and are also required to listen to what everyone else in the group is saying.

Once, for some reasons, he was sucked into a chitchatting session. I didn’t know what happened. Maybe they dragged him into the canteen. Maybe he was kidnapped. Ha ha...

There, they complimented him, from left, from right and then from left and then finally from right again. They said things like, “Oh, you so good farder ha, evelyday blink your dorter to school. My husburn so lazy to wake up wan. Tomolo, I must ask him to bling our girl girl to school. I early early wake him up. Quarleety time ma”. With that, they went into serious chitchatting mode and that was when dad made his escape. He told me later that subjecting another human to mental torture is not legal in this country.

What happened the next few days was hilarious (big word; it means boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter). Sorry, there are some even bigger words in there. he he....

Fathers turned up. Since they don’t know where to go, children were dragging them everywhere, like headless chickens, ha ha.. Of course most of them were only half awake. Most were unshaven, uncombed, untidy, under-dressed and mostly very unhappy. Some were still in their pyjama with mismatched flip-flops. They were fun to watch. Children needs entertainment too, you know.

Dad wasn't worried because he knew the competition could not last.

Soon, it was back to dad and all the moms. But, he had since not gone near the canteen.

by small bright head


hiongkongkiok said...

Sooooo shweeet of ur dad!But I am like the other dads, cannot wake up one. Next time, my son sure ponteng alot :P
I think our present self is a reflection of our past. See, now u so well-mannered and shweet. :)

hiongkongkiok aka goolypop (lazy to change account)

irresistible said...

once again.. I think u have a super dad. I was not sent to school by my dad or mum. 1st day in primary i was sent by my grandma then after that, by school bus!! I'm so dead jealous here of how happy is ur life. Anyway keep the happiness and appreciate it while u can..

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