Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Attempt at Poetry. Ver 1.1

Daddy daddy I love you, I want to impress you with this poetry
I like to refresh, in case your memories are fragmented already
I can remember most of it, and some were really funny
I am writing this not because I am eyeing a newly released cd
Or that my wardrobe has lately become a little puny
Oh! Incidentally, the new i-phone looks kind of trendy

First day of play school; we arrived even before the were ready
Shocked teachers thought we wanted to rob their money
You said first day can be stressful so it’s better to be early
It was a good thing I was calm because you were jittery
I was excited because it was my first step to the university
You kept hoping that my class teacher would be pretty
We were so early, so we took a tour of the facilities
Little toilet bowls, tiny wash basins with pink hankies
See-saws, colourful slides, sand boxes and bars for the monkeys
You checked on how food were prepared in the pantry
While I searched for the place where they taught geometry
You concluded that lunch would not be very fancy
I was disappointed; the plastic microscope was for biology
As it turned out, my teacher was a good looking young lady
I calmed you down before you could make me look silly
She was keen to get us started and had a good strategy
We sat in a circle; she praised us already and gave us some candies
She got us to wave bye-bye to all the mommies and daddies
The pick-up time was set for eleven fifty-three
But, you, my dad, was one who will not go easily
You mimed through the windows that you already missed me
The class laughed out loud and teacher thought you were mushy
You lingered beside the flower pots and then behind the laundry
You only left when the principle threatened to call the security

That was what I remember; the first day in kinddy

by small bright head

1 comment:

goolypop said...

VERY VERY VERY GOOD! i'm giving u a standing ovation! Gosh! I'm all cheery and teary at the same time. U must be proud to have a dad like dat, and vice versa, he of you for such thoughfulness and sweetness. Keep blogging..I'll be watching u.. deng deng deng.

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