Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Day is today?

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. We completely didn’t even realised it. Anyway, we are so not into these things. Daddy was cool about it anyway. We are usually very nonchalant (wait wait, big word time; in French it means: buuuf, I don’t really care) about so many of these “Day”. Dad said that the whole lists of these “Days” were created by The Shopping Mall Association of America....ha ha. Dad can be so funny sometimes. Anyway, he said with a daughter like me, everyday is Father’s Day...he he.

Dad said, some fathers only feel like a father on Father’s Day and the rest of the year is; sit in the corner and keep quiet; go down to mamak store and get the papers; look after the house, we are going to Bali for two weeks; have you wash my car?

So, dad came out with his own list of “Day” that we should celebrate.

Buy Nothing Day - (24th of December)
No Hangover Day - (26th of December)
Donate To Charity Day - (30th of each month)
Waste Nothing Day - (1st day of Chinese New Year)
No Flora Destruction Day – (14th of February)
No Gossiping Day - (this one is from me)
No Chest Thumping Day - (9th of August and 31st of August)
No Random Hugging Day – (31st of December)

Spell-check is the greatest thing ever invented since....forever.

by small bright head


Joyce said...

ur dad sounds so cool!!

goolypop said...

How about 'got' day? Machiam got money day, got help house chores day, got reason to skip skool day(s), got wear underwear day.. ??

Yling said...

your dad is so funny!

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